In 1924 Giovanni Talarico, at that time, the umbrella maker opened a shop in a small alley adjacent to the current Via Toledo, a walking street located in the historic center of Naples. Giovanni, a master in the art of making an umbrella and passionate about craftsmanship, decided to combine his art with that of working leather, and it was thus that the small shop soon found himself exercising two very noble arts. Immediately after the Second World War, Giovanni found himself in a very difficult situation to face, the great war had left hunger and economic difficulties for a large part of the population. But thanks to the precious help of his wife Concetta Carlevalis and his 7 children, Giovanni managed to get up from the difficulties and began a brilliant career. One of the most talented children proved to be Alfredo, who already helped his father at the age of nine and soon became a skilled master craftsman of leather goods. In 1972 Alfredo's son Luca was born. Already as a boy he showed great interest in the profession, in fact after school he often went to his father's workshop, to help him and to learn. In 1990, at the age of about 18, Luca decided to abandon his studies to perfect the techniques and processing of leather, soon becoming a skilled model maker, cutter, machinist and banker, four specializations that will allow him to build a complete product. Extravagant and imaginative he creates unique and particular models that make him a craftsman highly appreciated by his audience. But the real success for Luca begins when his wife Maria Marciano joins him, who together create a collection of leather products that will make people talk a lot about them, the collection is entitled "Gulf of Naples". Bags, wallets, accessories, leather paintings depicting the Parthenopean beauties. From there they continue to design and produce unique products by choosing the finest materials, conquering the hearts of their Neapolitan customers and the many tourists who invade the folkloric street of Spaccanapoli every year, where their small and charming shop is currently located.



As a leftist

Antonio Talarico (Umbrella maker) Uncle

Giovanni Talarico (Umbrella maker) Grandfather

Mario Talarico (Umbrella maker) Uncle

Concetta Carlevalis (Umbrella maker) Grandmother

Rosaria Talarico (purse and umbrella maker) Aunt


Alfredo Talarico (Purse and Umbrella maker) Father


Via Domenico Capitelli, 8
Napoli, 80134

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